Setting Simulation Parameters


Set the simulation parameters from Solving >> Solver Parameters to get the Solver Parameters dialog box. In the General tab make the following entries

Step Action
1 Set Wavelength to 1.15
2 Select the Real Solver
3 Select Straight Waveguide
4 Select Semi-Vector TE for Mode
5 Set Number of Points in Mesh to be 151 for both X and Y
6 Select Number of Modes as 1
7 Don’t select Use Script
8 Click OK

Once the parameters have been set, the mode can be found from Solving >> Solve ADI

BPM - Figure 7 Guided Mode of Ridge Waveguide

Figure 7: Guided Mode of Ridge Waveguide

When the mode solving is finished, you’ll be asked if you want to proceed to the Analyzer, If so, the simulator will close and the Analyzer application for this project will open.