Defining Materials


To define the materials for the single-bend device, perform the following procedure.

Step Action
1 From the File menu, select New.

The Initial Properties dialog box appears (see Figure 1).

BPM - Figure 1 Initial Properties dialog box

Figure 1: Initial Properties dialog box

2 Click Profiles And Materials.

The Profile Designer window appears (see Figure 2).

Note: To ensure that you can view all information, maximize the Profile

Designer window.

BPM - Figure 2 Profile Designer window

Figure 2: Profile Designer window

3 Create the following dielectric material:

Name: cladding

Refractive index (Re:): 1.442

4 To save the material, click Store.
5 Create a second dielectric material:

Name: guide

Refractive index (Re:): 1.45

6 To save the material, click Store.
7 Create the following channel:

Profile name: channel

2D Profile definition material: guide

8 To save the channel, click Store.
9 Close the Profile Designer window.

The OptiBPM GUI with the open Initial Properties dialog box appears.