Defining Layout Settings


To define the layout settings, perform the following procedure.

Step Action
1 Type the following settings.a.   Waveguide Properties:

Width: 4

Profile: WG1 (see Figure 3)

BPM - Figure 3 Initial Properties dialog box

Figure 3: Initial Properties dialog box

b.   Wafer Dimensions:Length: 1000

Width: 40 (see Figure 4).

c.   2D Wafer Properties:

Material: CladEffInd (see Figure 5)

BPM - Figure 4 Wafer Dimensions tab

Figure 4: Wafer Dimensions tab

BPM - Figure 5 2D Wafer Properties tab

Figure 5: 2D Wafer Properties tab

2 To apply the settings to the layout, click OK.
3 Save the project (see Figure 6).

BPM - Figure 6 SaveAs dialog box

Figure 6: SaveAs dialog box