Defining Layout Settings


To define the layout settings, perform the following procedure.

Step Action
1 Type the following settings.

a.   Waveguide Properties:

Width: 6

Profile: Ti:LiNb03_1

b.   Wafer Dimensions:

Length: 60

Width: 20

c.   2D Wafer Properties:

Material: LN1

d.   3D Wafer Properties


Material: Cladding

Thickness: 2


Material: LN1

Thickness: 10

2 To apply the settings to the layout, click OK.

Designing the waveguide

To design the waveguide, perform the following procedure.

Step Action
1 Draw a linear waveguide in the layout.
2 To insert the input plane, from the Draw menu, select Input Plane and click at the left side of the layout window.

The input plane appears.

3 To set up the excitation field properties, edit the input plane properties by selecting Edit > Properties.

The Input Plane properties dialog box appears.

4 Select the Gaussian.
5 Click the Input Fields 3D tab.
6 Click Edit.

The Input Fields dialog box appears (see Figure 4).

BPM - Figure 4 Input Field dialog box

Figure 4: Input Field dialog box

Since the waveguide is formed by a Ti diffusion, it will be lying just below the top of the substrate. We will therefore set the centre of the beam 3 microns below the surface.
7 Click on User
8 Edit the Field Properties (see Figure 5).

BPM - Figure 5 Field Properties dialog box

Figure 5: Field Properties dialog box

9 Close the Input Field and Input Plan dialog boxes to return to the Layout Designer.