This lesson describes how to modify the refractive index of a waveguide by using the script. The script runs the simulation four times. The refractive index of the waveguide in the first iteration has the StartValue of 1.47. It is increased in later simulations to 1.48, 1.49, and 1.50.

The procedures are:

•     Defining the materials and the channel

•     Defining the layout settings

•     Drawing the Linear Waveguide

•     Inserting the Input Plane

•     Creating the script

•     Running the simulation

•     Viewing the simulation results in OptiBPM_Analyzer

Before you start this lesson

•     Familiarize yourself with the procedures in Lesson 1: Getting Started.

•     Familiarize yourself with the procedures in Lesson 5: Wavelength scripting with VB Script.