To view the simulation results in OptiBPM_Analyzer, perform the following procedure.

Step Action
1 In the OptiBPM_Analyzer project directory, double-click Optical Field Propagation and Refractive Index Propagation.
2 Under Refractive Index Propagation , click XZ Slice.

The graph appears in the main layout (see Figure 14).

BPM - Figure 14 Refractive Propagation Index—XZ Slice

Figure 14: Refractive Propagation Index—XZ Slice

3 In the Iteration drop-down list, select another iteration to view (for example, Iteration 3).

The graph of the refractive index profile for the selected iteration appears in the main layout.

4 To view the optical field graph for this iteration, under Optical Field Propagation, click XZ Slice (see Figure 15).

BPM - Figure 15 Optical Field Propagation—XZ Slice

Figure 15: Optical Field Propagation—XZ Slice