To insert the input plane, perform the following procedure.

Step Action
1 From the Draw menu, select Input Plane.
2 To insert the input plane, click as close to the left side of the layout window as possible.

The input plane appears (see Figure 14).

BPM - Figure 14 Input plane

Figure 14: Input plane

3 To edit the input plane, from the Edit menu, select Properties.

The Input Plane Properties dialog box appears (see Figure 15).

BPM - Figure 15 Input Plane Properties dialog box

Figure 15: Input Plane Properties dialog box

4 To position the input plane more accurately, click the Global Data tab.
5 Under Z Position, type the following value:

Offset: 2.0

Note: The Z Position value should be slightly above 0.

6 Click the Input Fields 2D tab.
7 Click Edit.

The Input Field dialog box appears (see Figure 16).

BPM - Figure 16 Input Field dialog box

Figure 16: Input Field dialog box

8 In the window under Waveguides, select the check box (see Figure 17)

BPM - Figure 17 Item in Waveguides window

Figure 17: Item in Waveguides window

9 Click Add.

The item under Waveguides moves into the window under Fields.

10 In the window under Fields, select the item check box (see Figure 18).

BPM - Figure 18 Item in Fields window

Figure 18: Item in Fields window

11 To change the default amplitude (1.0) and phase (0.0), click Edit.

The Field Properties dialog box appears (see Figure 19).

BPM - Figure 19 Field Properties dialog box

Figure 19: Field Properties dialog box

12 Type the following values (or keep the default values):

Amplitude: 1.0

Phase: 0.0

13 To apply the settings and return to the Input Field dialog box, click OK.
14 To return to the Input Plane dialog box, click OK.

The item appears on the Input Fields 2D tab (see Figure 20).

BPM - Figure 20 Item on Input Fields 2D tab

Figure 20: Item on Input Fields 2D tab

15 To return to the layout window, click OK.
16 To save the project, from the File menu, select Save.

The SaveAs dialog box appears (see Figure 21).

BPM - Figure 21 SaveAs dialog box

Figure 21: SaveAs dialog box

17 Type a file name and click Save.

The file is saved and the SaveAs dialog box closes.