Step Action
1 In the Profile Designer, right-click the Profiles folder, and select User Function Profile > New.

The User Function Profile dialog box appears.

2 Type/select the following:

Profile name: GradedFibre Function specification: fgr(x,y) Function body:


3 Select Use limits and type the following:

Use limits: x*x+(y-y0)*(y-y0)<radius*radius

4 Make the following associations on the Profile Function tab by clicking in the corresponding Association cells:

Argument: x

Association: _dx

Argument: y

Association: _y

5 Click Verify.
6 Click Store.

The associations are stored in the fiber profile (see Figure 4).

7 Close the Profile Designer.

BPM - Figure 4 User Function Profile dialog box

Figure 4: User Function Profile dialog box