To assign paths to the waveguides, perform the following procedure.

Step Action
1 From the Edit menu, select Edit Mode > Monitor Paths.

The Path Monitor dialog box appears (see Figure 3).

BPM - Figure 3 Path Monitor dialog box

Figure 3: Path Monitor dialog box

2 Click New.

The buttons in the dialog box change (see Figure 4) and the cursor changes into a link.

BPM - Figure 4 Path Monitor dialog box — different buttons

Figure 4: Path Monitor dialog box — different buttons

3 In the layout window, click the first waveguide.
The defined path turns red (see Figure 5).

BPM - Figure 5 First red waveguide

Figure 5: First red waveguide

4 To apply the path, click Finish.

Path 1 appears in the drop-down list (see Figure 6).

BPM - Figure 6 Creating Path1

Figure 6: Creating Path1

5 Repeat steps 2 to 4 to assign a path to the second waveguide (see Figure 7).

Path 2 appears in the drop-down list.

BPM - Figure 7 Second red waveguide

Figure 7: Second red waveguide

6 To return to the layout window, click OK.

The waveguides change back to the original color in the layout window.

7 In the Layout Window, go to Simulation >> Path Monitor Type… and select Power overlap integral with fundamental mode with Global Normalization.

BPM - Figure 8 Path Monitoring Type

Figure 8: Path Monitoring Type