OptiSPICE Publication References – 2018


The following is a list of scientific papers, technical journals, periodicals, and conference publications which reference the use of OptiSPICE.  These references were collected from internal sources, customer submitted papers, and scientific articles via Google Scholar – and to the best of our knowledge, make use of our OptiSPICE software package. If you locate any mistakes, please notify us immediately by contacting info@optiwave.com.


[1]de Sousa, Evan. “Electrothermal Analysis of Gallium Nitride Island Transistor eHEMT Devices for Fault Tolerant Design.” PhD diss., Carleton University, 2018.

[2]Leu, Jonathan Chung. “Integrated silicon photonic circuit simulation.” PhD diss., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2018.

[3]Ayala Labanda, María Geovanna, and María José Beltrán Cuatín. “Study of optical filters and analysis of their behavior through simulation.” Bachelor’s thesis, Quito, 2018., 2018.

[4]Makarevich, Alexander Leonidovich, Mikhail Sergeyevich Tokar, Alexander Viktorovich Kinash, and Vadim Alekseevich Chubarov. “VOLTAGE-CONTROLLED GENERATOR FOR DIGITAL SYNCHRONIZATION SYSTEMS.” Bulletin of the Transnistrian University. Series: Physics, Mathematics, and Engineering. Economics and Management 3 (2018): 47-53.

[5]Castañeda Romero, Paulo Alejandro. “Analysis and Simulation of the Chromatic Dispersion Phenomenon in the ITU-T G. 652 and ITU-T G. 655 Single Mode Optical Fiber.” Bachelor’s thesis, Quito, 2018., 2018.

[6]Čubík, Jakub. “Using existing metropolitan fiber optic networks to deliver useful information from optical sensors.” (2018)