OptiSPICE Publication References – 2017


The following is a list of scientific papers, technical journals, periodicals, and conference publications which reference the use of OptiSPICE.  These references were collected from internal sources, customer submitted papers, and scientific articles via Google Scholar – and to the best of our knowledge, make use of our OptiSPICE software package. If you locate any mistakes, please notify us immediately by contacting info@optiwave.com.


F. Loosen et al., “Approach for the production chain of printed polymer optical waveguides – An overview,” Applied Optics, vol. 56, no. 31, pp. 8607–8617, 2017.


S. S. MD SALLAH, S. H. MD ALI, P. S. MENON, N. JUHARI, and M. S. ISLAM, “Comparative Performances of SOI-Based Optical Interconnect vs. Electrical Interconnect in Analog Electronic Applications,” IEICE Transactions on Electronics, vol. E100.C, no. 7, pp. 655–661, 2017.


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S. A. Stewart, T. J. Smy, and S. Gupta, “Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) Modelling of Space-Time Modulated Metasurfaces,” IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, pp. 1–1, 2017.


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