OptiBPM Publication References – 2010


Listing of scientific papers, technical journals, periodicals, and conference publications which reference the use of OptiBPM.

[1] K. Gut, A. Zakrzewski and T. Pustelny, “Sensitivity of Polarimetric Waveguide Interferometer for Different Wavelengths”, ACTA PHYSICA POLONICA A, Vol. 118, p 1140 – 1142 (2010)

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[3] Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab. Rahman , Khaled Mohamed Shaktur , Rahmah Mohammad, “An Optimum Design Of 3×3 Optical Switch Based On Integrated MZI, Including The Influence Of Electro Optic”, WSEAS Transactions on Communications, Issue 6, Volume 9 (June 2010)

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[5] Seibert, Christopher S., Hall, Douglas C.; Liang, Di; Shellenbarger, Zane A. , “Reduction of AlGaAs Heterostructure High-Index-Contrast Ridge Waveguide Scattering Loss by Sidewall Smoothing Through Oxygen-Enhanced Wet Thermal Oxidation”, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Volume: 22, Issue 1 p. 18 – 20 (January 2010)

[6] Xin Xia, Qi Chen, Candice Tsay, Craig B. Arnold, and Christi K. Madsen, “Low-loss chalcogenide waveguides on lithium niobate for the mid-infrared”, Optics Letters, Vol. 35, Issue 19, pp. 3228-3230 (2010)

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[9] P. P. Sahua, “Thermo-Optic Two-Mode Interference Optical Waveguide Device with Fast Response Time”, Fiber and Integrated Optics, Volume 29, Issue 4, p. 284-293 (2010)