Product Manuals

Optiwave Product Manuals

From basic software installation to fiber parameter extraction, Optiwave’s software manuals have been designed to simplify every aspect of photonics. In our manuals, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for key tasks and detailed schematics, all accompanied by screenshots from our actual software for maximum clarity.

Using these manuals, you’ll be able to:

  • Install and set up our suite of photonics software, such as OptiFDTD.
  • Learn how to use the parameter extractor tool as an input for OptiSPICE.
  • Simulate a designed coupler with OptiFDTD.

Need more help? Optiwave has you covered.


Get hands-on software training for your engineers, including customized instruction for Optiwave software, depending on your goals and challenges.



Amplify your knowledge with webinars featuring industry experts, covering all-new photonics applications and providing unique insights.


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Are there trials for photonic software?

Optiwave offers a lengthy 30-day free evaluation period for all of its software so you can get acquainted with its features. Use our manuals during the evaluation period to explore everything Optiwave can do for your business.

Do I need to be a photonics expert to work with optics?

No. We offer extensive resources, including Optiwave software manuals, an updated knowledge base, and regular webinars to help our users get up to speed with everything they need to know. You can also use our community forums to get quick answers.

What’s the easiest way to work with photonics as a beginner?

Optiwave’s product manuals are detailed enough to guide you through most basic tasks. You can also use our video resources for each software if you’re looking for a more visual aid. Feel free to reach out to our team of experts for any questions you might have.