Now Available: Optiwave in the Cloud


     Optiwave Software is now available in the Cloud

Optiwave Products are now available in the Cloud through Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Amazon Web Services is a leading Cloud Services provider with a large international presence.

Optiwave AWS Products are available on preconfigured operating system images on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).  No installation or configuration of the software is needed.  The software can be used within minutes of launching an EC2 image instance.

The AWS Marketplace online store simplifies finding and launching the software with an easy to use interface and convenient 1-Click Launch.

Attractively priced software leases are available for short or long time periods allowing customers to use the products on-demand.

Here is a screen shot of some Optiwave products on the AWS marketplace:

amazon aws marketplace

The AWS Product images can be run on an assortment of instance types that suit the customer’s computational needs. The customer pays for the actual use of their virtual machine instance on a per hour basis. Compute-optimized instances offer up to 32 virtual computational cores with a large amount of memory and can drastically speed up simulation time. These instances allow the customer to run computationally intensive simulations with no upfront hardware investment.

Our AWS Product instances are available in all EC2 geographic regions allowing our international customers to choose the computing resources closest to their location. This minimizes the network latency and provides fast access to the instance machine.

Connection to the running instances is done through Windows Remote Desktop which integrates the remove computer with the customer’s machine for a native look-and-feel. Interaction with the remote instance and the software feels like the software is running on the customer’s computer.

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