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      Ibn Aziz

      Hi every one !
      Hope u all r fine.

      I am ploting 2-D grpah by going to the Report layout of Opti sys. Figure of the setup and graph is shown below.

      I have done sweep of amplitude of Dc bias generator from -6 to 6. so after completion of simulation when i put amplitude values on X-axis of 2-D graph by picking it from project browser.Then i get a graph as shown below.

      So, I want to know what does this iteration on Y-axis means here ?? explanation ??

      Any one from Optiwave share ur knowledge here.

      I will be very thakful to u.

      Best Regards

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      Dr Rk Sethi

      Iterations means the repetition of a process or utterance.Iteration compel an optiwave component to evaluate repetitively for different parameter values. If we set the number of iteration for example 10, then it will repeat the simulation process 10 times for different parameter values of the component. In other words we need not to change the parameters and repeat the simulation for different values of the sweep parameters.
      This is what I understand from your question. If you want something more or something else, please reply.

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      Ibn Aziz

      Dear sir thanks for your kind response.

      Basically i was asking that when we put any metric values from project browser on x-axis then suddenly we get a graph even without taking any metric on y-axis.
      later on i resolved this ambiguity by knowing that when we don’t have any metric value on y-axis then opti sys take number of iterations as default on y-axis until we paste some metric from project browser on y-axis.


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      Dr Rk Sethi

      Welcome Ibn Aziz

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      Number of iterations means the number of signal blocks generated by each simulation. For each additional iteration the component will repeat the previous calculation based on defined number of iterations.
      Iteration tests certain component in your system depending on the component’s parameter which you’ve changing (usually it can be done manually).

Viewing 6 reply threads
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