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      Abdallah Ismail

      Dear All;
      Why Matlab component doesn’t get the data from WDM component.
      I found only one sampled signal in the workspace with double no. of samples.
      Hope your support.

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      Damian Marek


      When signals are combined in Ideal Muxs or Power Combiner, OptiSystem will sometimes automatically merge the channels into one signal, with the average carrier frequency. This is normally because the channels are very close in frequency and it makes more computational sense to only have one signal/channel. Of course you can retrieve individual channels by using a rectangular filter.


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      Abdallah Ismail

      Thanks Damian,
      But if I need to deal with the data on the channels of the WDM,How can I do that?
      For example if I made matlab component that represent fiber, how can I get the individual data on each channel?
      Also what the data that appear represent.
      For Example when I used an example from Optiwave Examples “DP-16QAM back to back Transmission w nyquist”

      when the matlab component ,the sampled signal vector length = 8 X Number of samples (in layout parameters) although it is only five channels.
      what the sampled signal represent in that case?

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      Damian Marek

      I get a different number of samples than you. After the Ideal Mux the Matlab component contains a sampled signal of 2097152 and before each sampled signal is 1048576. The output of the Ideal Mux is then twice the number of samples of the input, yet containing 5 channels.

      The sampled signal is twice the original the sample rate of the individual channels because although there is some overlap of the signals the resulting signal needs to represent a larger bandwidth signal and thus needs to have a larger sample rate to span the spectrum.

      The sampled signal is centered at the average between the input wavelengths and contains all of the sampled information.


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