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      Shayma Akram


      In this example “MatlabOptiSysBER.m” they use this code:

      % Generate the matrix with integers to be transmitted
      IntSignalin = randint(NrOfInt,NrFrames,2^M-1);

      to generate the input signal.
      in may case, I have a matrix of floating-point numbers, my questions are:

      (1) Is it possible to use it instead of IntSignalin[]??

      (2) In the previous example, the integer numbers have been converted to binary by using this code:

      % Converte integers to binary numbers
      for swint = 1:NrFrames
      BinarySig(swint,:) = reshape( dec2bin(IntSignalin(:,swint)) , NrOfInt * M, 1 );

      In my case, to generate “BinarySig[]”, do I have to convert floating-point matrix to binary based on IEEE Standard 754 or there are other methods??

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      Damian Marek

      You could but you would need to use a different component. Either a matlab component or some type of measured electrical/optical signal.

      You will notice from the layout of the OptiSystem project that the Binary Sequence generator is loading a file. This file is generated by the Matlab code, so you can understand why you can’t use a double type format in the saved file.


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