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      mohamed diaa

      Hi all,
      I want to simulate triple play (voice – data – video) using bidirectional GPON, so to do that only i will use a WDM to differ between data and video?
      and can any one help me by sending a picture of triple play structure?

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      you can use a N*1 WDM to insert N wavelengths to optical Fiber.
      one of the example is attached to this email.

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      mohamed diaa

      thank you mohamed
      so to be sure, if i want to simulate triple play GPON, i will used WDM transmitter to transmit data in 1490 nm and video in 1550 with both NRZ coding modes and in the receiver side i will only use wdm demux, anl all of this wihthou any adding of psudo random generator or sine generator

Viewing 2 reply threads
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