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      Jawaduddin Abro

      My design is attached below, In the observation line of transmission the power value which i got in the analyzer is 0.0005mW. But in my input field i have selected the power which has value of 1mW. So i am expecting 80% light extraction so should be 0.8mW. I am unable to find any error or mistake in my design please guide me with explanations.

      Thank you

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      Aadil Raza

      No design is attached

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      Jawaduddin Abro

      ohh. Sorry, it failed due to security reasons.

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      Scott Newman


      While I cannot comment on your expected value of 80% extraction but I can point out your boundary conditions are set incorrectly.You have your +/- Z boundary conditions set as APML which introduces loss, this should be changed to PBC (Periodic boundary conditions). It only marginally improves your extraction to 56% instead of 50%.

      Can you provide your reasoning for your expected value? A paper or reference perhaps?


Viewing 3 reply threads
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