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      Qusay Alghazali

      Good Day,

      Im Qusay, a PhD student at Budapest University of Technology. Currently Im doing my research on fiber optic field working with lemon C++ optimization library and IBM CPLEX. I found your Opti system and im wondering about what fields can your system support my research target. can i use Optisystem to work on Optimization can i get resources to learn about your system.

      For your information Im working currently for bellow objectives and open problems,
      how can you help to get more knowledge or close path to work on your system?

      Research objectives:
      The task of the PhD candidate will be to understand current optical multiplexing, modulation and signal detection techniques and on this knowledge basis, using analytical and computer aided models, find and compare new methods and processes to increase the transmission speed toward multi-Tbit/s over all-optical networks. Following the recent and future optical technology achievements the candidate should propose and evaluate new network architectures giving solution to the following open problems.

      Open problems:
      – Finding more efficient transmission techniques for ultra-high speed optical networks
      – Optimizing all-optical node and network architectures including multilayer networks, as well as Routing and Spectrum Assignement (RSA)
      – Optimizing the operation of these networks including network synchronization and network protection in case of any disaster or any failure

      Best Regardes,
      Qusay Alghazali

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      Ahmad Atieh

      Dear Qusay,
      You thesis looks crowded. Lots of topic to cover. Anyway, you may download 30-days OptiSystem software free trial from Optiwave’s website. OptiSystem addresses most of your research topics. You may use it for optimization as well. The best start is to go through the Example Library of OptiSystem, which is part of the installation. The examples will give you guidance on the different projects. You may contact me directly at ahmad.atieh@optiwave.com to discuss further.

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