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      Masud Rana

      Asslamualikum(peace be upon you), brother Damian Marek,

      I have a request for you. I am new to optisystem. I have read all the available material provided by optiwave from internet, but i found that the materials(such as toutorial-1 & 2, component library, Matlab binary or optical or electrical components…) are to hard to understand about the feedback loop and Matlab components in optisystem.

      I think and i believe that, if you create some tutorial(Video or pdf) for us about “how to simulates feedback loop and how to use Matlab components in optisystm ” in detail , it will be very helpful for beginners.

      Thank you

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      Damian Marek

      In your other post I linked you to a tutorial on the Matlab component, but I think you have a good point about using feedback in OptiSystem. I’ll see what we can do in the department. In the meantime, do you have any particular questions about the feedback loops simulation?


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      Raja masud

      hello Marek,
      i have got a problem with feedback loop, can you please visit this link? https://optiwave.com/forums/topic/please-someone-help-problem-with-feed-back-loop/

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