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      Nur Syafiqah Husna

      I want to use the tapered fiber bundle combiner (TFBC) and tapered fiber bundle divier (TFBD) in my design which is power over fiber system.
      I am using Optisystem 21 and it does not have TFBC and TFBD component. How can i replace and simulate this component?

      TFBC and TFBD in my design were used to
      TFBC: Combining all the data signal and feed light signal into one SMF optical fiber and then linked to DCF optical fiber for PWoF application
      TFBD: will extract the receiving data signal and feed light signal into numbers of MMF output ports.

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      Ahmad Atieh

      there is no fiber bundles in OptiSystem. However, you may use the Matlab or Python components for the TFBC and TFBD.
      It is possible to use the Power Combiner and Power Splitter components for your application. You need to set the number of input or output ports.
      You can find these components under Default/Passives Library/Optical/

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