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      Christina Jörg


      I’m using OptiBPM to look at edge-modes in 3D waveguide structures (evanescently coupled waveguides).
      I have a layout of slowly curled helical waveguides arranged in a honeycomb-lattice. As I could not figure out how to make helices, I just stacked a lot of cylindrical waveguides on top of each other. So my files get very big. Therefore I just run the simulation for 270um of propagation, save the f3d-file of the output field, and put this in at the beginning again.

      Now the problem: After some propagation the intensity in the whole structure seems to be bigger than the input-intensity!
      To me it looks like a problem of scaling.
      Is OptiBPM doing some automatic rescaling of the field, that I’m not aware of? Am I missing something? Or is this a bug?

      I’d be very grateful for some help.

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      Christina Jörg

      I attached an image, so you can see what I mean

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