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      Nor Iza Mohd Rawi


      Have any body tried to use Cuda GPU? I’ve tried but once we run, the OptiSystem screen automatic close.

      One more question, about the usage of optical delay in the simulation. How much is the maximum delay that we need to set if there’re 32 users in the network simulation?

      Thanks 🙂

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      Tech Support

      The optical delay creates a null signal. If the input to the component has, for example, 5 separate signals, then the delay should be set to 5 (in order to create 5 separate null signals).

      If the 32 users are combined into a single transmission channel (one signal) then the delay only needs to be set to 1 (the default value).

      I suggest running the design with the delay set to 1 at all locations to see if the design converges. Alternatively, all the delays can be removed from the design, and within Global Parameters/Signals the “Initial delay” check box can be selected and the number of “Iterations” can be set to, for example, 10.

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      Luis Acevedo

      Multi core processors comp or parallel computing

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