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      Hossam Shalaby

      Our team is trying to model a mulicore fiber and a few-mode fiber using OptiSystem in order to simulate space-division multiplexing. We are looking for suggestion to establish that.

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      Ahmad Mustafa

      Hi Hossam,

      I have an additional question to your original post. I am simulating Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing in OptiSystem and I have a multimode De-MUX and a MM Rx. I have, so far not found any such components in OptiSystem. Could you please comment on that if you know of one?
      And, are you trying to model a multi-core fiber all alone in OptiSystem or you have an interface with MATLAB where you get the input from and simulate the multi-mode effects accordingly in OptiSystem?

      Good Luck and Cheers,

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      Tech Support

      We don’t presently support multi-core fiber in OptiSystem. Also we don’t have any Multiplexers or Demultiplexer that work for multiple modes (it is recommended to use an external program such as Matlab).

      We do however support few-mode fiber with our measured index multimode fiber.

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      Nashwan AL SAMMAN

      Please Tech Support , can you give us a tips of Few mode fiber model in Optisystem ?
      thank you

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