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      Regarding to design the SOI rib or other designs I am so interested to know is it any possibility to simulate the plasmonic on SOI for such a software? or other software should use? I am using SOI designing within 2 micron wave guide, but in case I want to study about plasmonic to design sensors, many thanks. another question is in optibpm I want to define different cladding for example in some region on top of the wave guide I have air but some other region I have two more material, let’s say on the wave guide I have aluminum and on top of that I have nitrogen, would you please help me to solve this issue? many thanks

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      Damian Marek

      The beam propagation method assumes that there are no reflections and that the beam travels along t he propagation axis. Surface plasmons usually involve large reflections, so I think you would need to use a FDTD approach (OptiFDTD).

      Changing the cladding material from air to a larger dielectric constant will also generate reflections, so I think this application is better suited for OptiFDTD.


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