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      I need to design any wave guide with SOI, so in this case I suppose to put one channel as Si with special height and width then under that should be SIO2? therefor I should have 2 layers for my SOI? any other options? and one more for my electrode regarding to electro-optic modulator (lesson 10), I am still confuse about some of the data in this tutorial, would you please clear me? for electrode can I use any metal? back electrode has to be designed? I want to put the both electrode on top of silicon but not connected for sure within different space.

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      Steve Dods

      You could have two layers, one for SiO2. But you might as well make the substrate SiO2. The BP method will not properly model the influence of an Si substrate anyway. On the other hand, your design should isolate the optical field from the Si substrate (and from the electrode), so this limitation doesn’t matter.

      In the model, the electrode is simply a place where the applied potential takes the prescribed value. The electrode does not contribute anything to the model besides this, it doesn’t consider anything about the material properties of the metal except that it should be an equipotential at radio frequencies. In this sense, the electrode is already “any metal”. You can put those electrodes wherever you like, and they can have any shape.

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      so all in all what do you offer me? should I continue with this simulation? and on the other hand my another problem is I have to calculate the drift current which bpm has not this ability, any upgrade for bpm to solve in such a case? many thanks for your nice answers.

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      Steve Dods

      OptiBPM will help with certain design issues. It will determine if the waveguide is single mode, it will give information on the field distribution and size, it can calculate bending loss and model splitting and coupling cases. But it can’t do everything, and the user needs to be informed about what it can’t do also. Drift current and electron transport are outside the scope of OptiBPM.

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