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      Damian Marek


      What are the changes that I should make to the parameters of the VCSEL in order to limit its operation to a single transverse mode?

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      Damian Marek


      The spatiotemporal VCSEL model uses multimode laser rate equations in both frequency modes and transverse optical modes. There are a few of ways you could reduce the number of modes for examination:

      1. The most physical is to reduce the aperture size and thus the number of possible transverse modes will naturally decrease. You could adjust oxide aperture in the Geometry tab.
      2. You can use the Mode Selector component located in Receivers Library/Multimode. All the modes would still be used in the actual VCSEL calculation, but you now extracted the particular one of interest.
      3. Under the numerical tab of the Spatiotemporal VCSEL, you can select the number of modes to use in the calculation. This will introduce inaccuracies; as it then removes a number of modes from the multimode rate equations.

      I have attached an example OptiSystem file which demonstrates each of the choices above. If you just want to examine particular modes arising from the system, I would recommend option 2.

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