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      Damini Rathi

      I am working on the layout of a research paper based on topic “Simulating Analyzing of Covering Suburban Areas with 32× 10 Gbps DWDM-PON FTTH Using Different Dispersion and Power.” but I am unable to get results as it is taking too long to calculate optical fiber while running the simulation. The time is exceeding 11 minutes. I have set all the parameters according to the research paper. Please help me out with the simulation. I have attached .osd file and research paper herewith.<a href=”http://www.jocm.us/uploadfile/2019/0409/20190409050508846.pdf&#8221; rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Research paper</a>

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      Ahmad Atieh

      Dear Damini,
      the required time for the calculation depends on the complexity of your system. Some simulations may take over 10hrs. Don’t worry about the time as long as it ends without crashing. If a crash happens, then we would need to check the cause. You could speed the calculation by using CUDA card if you have one on your computer or use multithreading if you have multi-CPUs.

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