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      Hi all,

      I am studying signal remodulation technique in passive optical networks and have done some recent studies in this area. I believe it would help understand the concept and also the configuration of these systems better if the access to some example(s) of their implementation using OptiSystem is available. So are there any OptiSystem samples of PONs with this scheme being adopted in them, with or without RSOA or any other components used for this purpose? Or is it possible that anyone working in this area provide me with some example? Also screenshots from implementation of these systems would be quite fine if sharing the .osd file is not possible. Thank you all in advance.


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      dinesh chauhan


      alistu you have any file to implement wdm pon using RSOA

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      dear Alitsu,
      are you working in UDWDM PON technologies? if it is so, I would like to know the present challenges faced by this technology as I too am working on it.please help me out in this regard

      thank you

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