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      giuseppina simone

      Hi I am running this tutorial

      Gratings Created with VB Script

      However, I met some troubles with the geometry, because it seems that running the suggested script does not give the grating.
      the for loop is not closed.
      Could someone help me?

      Click “ Scripting” button to go to the scripting page. Modify the Linear2 code paragraph as the following:

      Dim Linear2 for m=1 to 8

      Set Linear2 = WGMgr.CreateObj ( “WGLinear”, “Linear2″+Cstr(m) ) Linear2.SetPosition 0.5+(m-1)*1.0, 0.05, 1+(m-1)*1.0, 0.05

      Linear2.SetAttr “WidthExpr”, “0.1”

      Linear2.SetAttr “Depth”, “0”

      Linear2.SetAttr “StartThickness”, “0.000000” Linear2.SetAttr “EndThickness”, “0.000000” Linear2.SetProfileName “ChannelPro_n=3.14” Linear2.SetDefaultThicknessTaperMode True

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      Scott Newman

      The end of the for is missing. on a new line after your last line write next and it should work. If you continue to have issues please attach your design file.


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      giuseppina simone

      thank you for your answer.
      I am still playing with the grating structure and analyzing the possibility to change the refractive index of the structure named silicon in the tutorial https://optiwave.com/optifdtd-manuals/fdtd-transmission-and-reflection-spectrum-from-grating-unit-cell/.
      My model does not work, even if I have included the properties of the silver.
      Could you please check it?
      thank you.

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