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      shaymaa Tahhan

      Dear College,

      I am using RSOA as an amplifier in a 10Gb/s system and 16384 sequence length.
      I got the signal attached,
      please, is the output correct or not?
      FYI, RSOA settings are
      Input coupling loss 3
      Output coupling loss 3
      Input facet reflectivity 50.00000000000001e-006
      Output facet reflectivity 0.99
      Active length 0.0007
      Taper length 0
      Cross-section data 0
      Width 0.4e-006
      Height 0.4e-006
      Active area 0.16e-012
      Optical confinement factor 0.45
      Recombination coefficient A 360e+006
      Recombination coefficient B 0.5599999999999998e-015
      Recombination coefficient C 30e-042
      Group velocity 75e+006
      Temperature 300
      Junction ideality factor 2
      Noise center frequency 193.16
      Noise bandwidth 10
      Noise bins spacing 125
      Noise threshold -100
      Noise dynamic 3
      Convert noise bins Convert noise bins=0

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      shaymaa Tahhan

      this is the signal after the RSOA

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      Aadil Raza

      I think there is something wrong. Send me your setup in an email to troubleshoot it.

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      shaymaa Tahhan

      please send me your email address to send you the file.

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      Aadil Raza
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