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      Abdallah Ismail

      We have five user license but in some meeting and presentations outside the Lab we can’t run system on our Laptops during the presentation.Also we can’t move Security USB key outside the LAB due to the Lab rules.
      I used Team-viewer software to run system from device on the network of the License but it is not efficient due to internet speeds.
      How can we run system using our license remotely?

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      I’m interested in this question as well…

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      One of the common limitations of usb based softwares…

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      Bryan Tipper

      Here’s an answer from our software department:

      Accessing license on a remote Licensing Server.

      In general, we have two scenarios here:
      a) The Licensing Server is located on the same company network, however, the client computer cannot access it, since it is located on a different subnet.
      b) The Licensing Server is located on a different network.

      Case a) The Licensing Server located on a different subnet.
      The client computer has to be configured to obtain a license from the explicitly indicated License Server:
      1. In your Internet browser, open the page http://localhost:1947/_int_/config.html on the client computer
      2. Click on the tab: “Access to Remote License Managers”.
      3. In the field “Specify Search Parameters” enter the IP address or the name of the license server.
      4. Click the “Submit” button apply the new settings.

      Case b) The Licensing Server is located on a different network.
      This is more complicated issue. The easiest solution would be to access the Licensing Server over VPN:
      1. Setup the VPN connection.
      2.1 Once the VPN connection is established. If the VPN client is on the same subnet, the license should become automatically available.
      2.2 If the license does not become automatically available, then the client computer connected over VPN is on a different subnet. In this case, the client computer has to be configured as in the Case a) above.

      Note: The firewall on the client computer must have port 1947 open.

      Let us know if this helps!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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