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      Aadil Raza

      What is the exact or approximate relationship between BER and SER for PAM-4 modulation? Please share the derivation or any related article.

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      Hello aadilqau,
      in manula of OFDM demodulators, you can find the calculations and the procedures for BER and SER.
      something like the following what is written below.

      Mohamed Abouseif
      Decision, EVM and SER computation
      The Decision block processes the I and Q channels by normalizing each channel to their respective m-PSK or m-QAM grid and performs a decision on each symbol based on normalized threshold settings.
      Once the decision is made, the EVM is calculated as follows:

      where S is the symbol sequence, indicates the mean value, and is the decision of S. The average EVM and EVM per subcarrier are shown in the results as well as graphed.
      The received signals (after decision) are compared with the originally transmitted symbols to count the symbol errors and calculate the SER

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      Aadil Raza

      Dear Thanks for reply. I am unable to see equations. where can i fine these details?

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      check OFDM demodulators manual.


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