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      Thank you very much Amin Khorshidahmed sir for replying,
      actually I don’t have OptiFiber software, I have only Optisystem.
      Could you please tell how to set Core refractive index and cladding refractive index (for step index fiber)in Optisystem ? so that I can measure Numerical aperture.

      Cant we check the R.I profile?
      How to plot refractive index vs wavelength?

      Thanks in Advance.

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      Ahmad Atieh

      Hello Mahalakshmi,
      The SMF components in OptiSystem don’t have input parameters for core/cladding refractive index or NA. However, MMF components do have that. The propagation models for SMF don’t need the linear refractive index. The MMF components needs these parameters for determining the number of modes. Please check the “Measured Multimode Fiber” component located at Default/Multimode Library/Optical Fibers/ for more information.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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