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      Can anyone tell how to set the refractive index of core and cladding, and also how to view the R.I profile of the fiber..

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      Amin Khorshidahmad

      Hello Mahalakshmi,

      In OptiFiber you design your fiber by specify the refractive index and width of each region. Regions are concentric layers staring from the center or fiber core at r=0.
      You can specify the refractive index or the doping concentration of the regions by selecting the refractive index profile or dopant concentration distribution option respectively.
      You can verify and check the RI profile in the “profile” tab and can readily measure/trace the RI profile graph.

      Kind regards,

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      Thank you very much for replying sir,
      actually I don’t have OptiFiber software, I have only Optisystem.
      Could you please tell how to set Core refractive index and cladding refractive index (for step index fiber)in Optisystem ? so that I can measure Numerical aperture.

      Cant we check the R.I profile?
      How to plot refractive index vs wavelength?

      Thanks in Advance.

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