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      Dear Sir, I would like to know how to calculate Reflection spectra and Transmission spectra for plasmonic metamateirals as in the attached file, which is almost the same as reported in the recent paper (Appl. Phys. Exp. 12, 052015, 2019). The model structure contains two adjacent gold nanocylinders commonly with a radii of 100 nm, height 100 nm and gap size of 100 nm, all of which are on gold plate with thickness of 45 nm. Normal incidence of light is used with X-polarization parallel to the connecting axis of two nanocylinders.
      According to the short explanation for this purpose given at the website of Optiwave Japan (in Japanese), it seems my input file attached here should be appropriate, but the results seems to be not true according the paper.
      Also, I have a basic question on how to calculate reflectivity and transmission spectra, which should be far field response of the metamaterial samples for the input light, but OptiFDTD software seems to calculate them for the near-field response at a certain sampled points.
      So, I would like to know the following points;
      1) if my input file are appropriate to calculate reflectivity and transmission spectra of the metamaterial systems, and
      2) how to calculate far-field transmission and reflection spectra in OptiFDTD.
      Sincerely yours,
      I tried to attach two files but, unfortunately your web page reject it. So, attached input file
      Futamata Masayuki

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      Scott Newman


      1. I am unable to commen on the input file as the only thing in your attached zip file is a structural diagram.
      2. You are correct the OptiFDTD results directly from a simulation are near-field results. If you look in your installed programs you will find “OptiTools” which is a list of heper functions for use with the results from the product. Included there are a number of far-field calculators that will operate on the appropriate results files.

      As you are having issues with uploading files, please submit an email to support@optiwave.com so that we can further diagnose what is going on. Additionally in your email please include the version of the product you are using and the status of any license you are using.


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