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Rectangular Plasmonic Nano-Hole Arrays Application

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Abstract—Plasmonic nano-structures play a significant role in most recent photonic devices and applications. In this paper, we investigate the optical transmission spectra of rotatable periodic nano-metric apertures with different dimensions. This investigation includes monitoring the modification of both the transmission resonance wavelengths and peak transmittance at different dimensions and orientations of the nano-holes. The obtained results provide better insight to the interaction of light with periodic plasmonic nano-hole arrays. We find that nano-holes dimension/orientation can totally suppress an optical transmission, tune its resonance wavelengths, and change its peak values. Furthermore, we present the surface plasmonic resonance sensing as an application for the reported nano-hole array.

Thanks to Amr Elaryan of Jeddah University for submitting this application note on plasmonic nano-hole arrays using OptiFDTD.

Publication Reference: Exploring the Impact of Rotating Rectangular Plasmonic Nano-Hole Arrays on the Transmission Spectra and its Application as a Plasmonic Sensor

Application Note: http://optiwave.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Rectangular-Plasmonic-Nano-Hole-Arrays-Report.pdf

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