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      Hi everyone! I need some assistance to make a simple RoF system using RF 118-137 MHz (I’m using 118.65 MHz) with AM modulation. I try to build one, but it gives an unreasonable BER. Correct me if I’m wrong at the system.

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      Hi Zulfikar,
      first error in your design is that, you put both MZ Amplitude modulator at 50 Mhz and sin generator at 118.65 MHz, which does not make sense.
      that is why no output could be seen.

      you can start from Rof example in OptiSystem then modify it as you need.


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      I modified the sample. And I dont know where I should put the parameter. I want it to work at frequency of 118.65 MHz. What should I change?

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      mohamed diaa

      please can you put an image for the true RF over fiber

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