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      Please, can someone help me set up simulation for Raman-Assisted Fibre optic parametric amplifier to improve the gain flatness.

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      How do i go about investigating the effects of different modulation formats on optical transmissions? Can someone please guide me on this.

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      Abhishek Shrama

      Hi DEMAS,According to your first question ,you have to work on gain flatness.For this you can see optisystem samples.Otherwise you can work on many parameters for gain flattening e.g pump power,pumping techniques (co,counter and bi directional),core radius ,length of raman amplifier etc.

      According to your 2nd question you can use various advanced modulation formats like CSRZ DRZ MDRZ .here i have given a link for these formats .check this link

      Advanced Modulation Formats

      Moreover these formats are good to mitigate the effect of dispersion and bandwidth efficient.

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      Thank you Shrama, I have visited the link and it is quite good. Let me now work on them.

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      Abhishek Shrama


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