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      rajkumar gupta

      Hello every one
      I am designing DWDM system and want to calculate the disperse pulse width.When i use OTDR after SMF i am getting this kind of waveform(pic.attached here) and not able to calculate disperse pulse width and when i change the range of time and power, width of the pulse is very much less, even less than transmitted pulse width.what will be the reason.Is there any way to calculate the pulse width?pls help.

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      Ahmad Atieh

      Dear Rajkumar,
      I think you meant OTDV not OTDR.
      It looks to me that the power level at the receiver is too low causing the noise overwhelming the signal. There are many parameters that you need to make sure that you choose correctly. You could do the spreading calculation roughly using dispersion and laser linewidth. The fiber dispersion parameter is given by ps/(km nm). Thus a fiber with length L and laser with linewidth of n cause a spreading of L*n ps.

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      rajkumar gupta

      @ahmad atieh Thank you very much for your reply.

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