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      Buki Ojed

      Dear Sir/Ma,

      I am trying to design a PSK and QAM modulation for underwater optical system. The PSK Modulator and QAM Modulators on Optisystem are electrical PSK Modulator and QAM PSK Modulators and I want to connect it to a CW Laser so I designed the simulation attached. I would like to know if these setups are correct. I noticed that when I increased the distance on the matlab code from 10cm to 100cm the Q-factor increased and it ought to decrease. What could be the problem on my setups? I look forward to hearing from you thank you.

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      Ahmad Atieh

      Hello Buki,
      I recommend you to check the examples at the following locations for guidance on the Matlab signal structures PSK and QAM systems.
      C:\Users\USER NAME\Documents\OptiSystem 17.0 Samples\Advanced modulation systems\PSK systems
      C:\Users\ USER NAME \Documents\OptiSystem 17.0 Samples\Advanced modulation systems\QAM systems
      C:\Users\ USER NAME \Documents\OptiSystem 17.0 Samples\Software interworking\MATLAB co-simulation


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