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      Alessio Cortiula

      I recently downloaded the evaluation version of these 2 softwares:

      I have to complete some simulations for an university exam regarding optical communications.
      When I’m starting the software, I obtain this error: “ERROR #HS06:License not available: HASP(27)”. I obtain it only when I start Optifdtd Analyzer and OptiBPM. When I’m starting Optifdtd Designer, nothing happends.
      I attach you some screenshots which I hope they’re helpful to resolve my problem.

      Make note that I’m using a Macintosh, and I’m connecting to my Windows PC via RDP.

      Thanks a lot!
      Problems while starting evalutation version


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      Eric Tubby

      Hi Alessio,

      Only our paid versions can be run and accessed remotely. Our evaluations cannot be accessed remotely, they need to be installed and run locally on a Windows computer.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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