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      Nabadh Bhan

      Hello everyone,
      I want to design an indoor based communication system. I am working on a VLC-OFDM system. I used the FSO OFDM QAM file of Optisystem 17.1 and replaced the laser with a LED. Hoping to get a good BER in range of 1 to 10 meters but I am not able to. BER test set always shows extremely high values like 0.5. Could anyone please help me with my project, I am fairly new to the software and still learning it.
      The file is attached. I would really appreciate some help.
      Thanks in advance

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      Ahmad Atieh

      Dear Nabadh,
      The issue could be related to the data rate that you are using. You know that the LED is a noncoherent light source and has limited modulation bandwidth. Try to lower the rate and check the performance.
      You may send me your file as a zip file to ahmad.atieh@optiwave.com and I’ll check it out and provide feedback. Unfortunately, you can’t upload OptiSystem project on the forum.

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        Nabadh Bhan

        Dear Respected Sir,

        I tried changing the data rate sir but I am still unable to get the appropriate BER.
        I have mailed you on the ID provided Sir.

        Thanking You
        Kind Regards

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