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      Luis Vallejo


      I use to have this problem many times…
      I have made a basic scheme: laser, MZM and PD. I want to measure the BER and I use BER analyzer. Everything works ok, I can see the electrical signal on the oscilloscope and the eye diagram. However, the Min. BER is not computed well.. and, of course, the Q factor.
      Does anyone know why happens?
      I attach my project.

      Best regards,


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      Ahmad Atieh

      Hello Luis,
      I see the captured eye is shifted a bit from center. However, you should get very good BER.
      Could you please send me your project as a zip file to ahmad.atieh@optiwave.com? I’ll check what the issue is.
      Meanwhile, you can use set the BER Analyzer parameters by right click on the visualizer and access its properties.

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