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      Subhash Arya

      Dear OptiSystem Customer care!
      I was installing OptiSystem V 13 but it shows error, however, after ignoring two instances, once installation was completed, I am facing problem now of creating new project.Software is telling that unable to bind control and failed to create new project even after inserting hardware key.Kindly help

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      Ajay Vyas

      1. some time this error is generated we remove the hardware key without closing the file or installation.
      Please remove the hardware key before the installation then restart the system & insert key.
      it will be work properly.
      2. or follows this instructions

      We recommend that you exit all Windows programs before running the setup
      program. To install OptiSystem, perform the following procedure.
      Step Action
      1 Log on as the Administrator, or log onto an account with Administrator
      2 Insert the OptiSystem CD into your CD ROM drive.
      3 On the Taskbar, click Start and select Run.
      The Run dialog box appears.
      4 In the Run dialog box, type F:\setup.exe, where F is your CD ROM drive
      Note: If the software was provided in electronic (downloaded) format, double
      click on the “setup.exe” file in the software installation folder.
      5 Click OK and follow the screen instructions and prompts.
      6 When the installation is complete, reboot your computer.
      Note: OptiSystem samples are no longer automatically installed during
      installation. To install the OptiSystem samples folder right-click and open (or
      double-click) on the “OptiSystem_Samples.exe” file within the OptiSystem
      installation folder.

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      Damian Marek


      Can you share the screenshot again? Our forum does not allow users to attach .bmp, so please try a .png or .jpg. I would also suggest emailing support@optiwave.com as this is an installation issue.


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      mohammed hosni

      before you install you must remove the software key from your pc

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      mohammed hosni

      if the problem still
      try to install in another pc to fix the prpblem

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      is it trial version ?

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      ahmed helmy teama

      May be the program didn’t installed correctly, try to remove it and install again.

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