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      Maulana Ghita

      Hi fellas,
      I had designed TWDM in optisystem 14. the system work fine but I have problem with the eye diagram.
      eye diagram DS not so good compared with eye diagram US. I config twdm system with 8 olt – 8 onu agregate 80/80 gbps,
      BW for DS US are 50 Ghz, power Tx 18, and power Rx 15.
      My questions are, what should I measured the component so I can get a better eye diagram for DS. I attach picts of eye diagram DS and US.

      Thank u for attentions.

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      General speaking Eye-diagram could be improved if you mitigate the harmful effect on the data stream.
      So you can improve it by for example, reduce the dispersion effect on the data stream so that the system will be more robust with high Q factor and open Eye diagram.

      hope this helps,
      Mohamed Abouseif

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      mohamed diaa

      try to make the transmitter NRZ

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      is it a problem to create it?

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