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      I am having some doubt about the addition of PEDOT:PSS material in my design. I have found research papers which provide data (plot) of refractive index and extinction co-efficient in 400nm to 1000nm. But, my concern is whether I can consider it as a dielectric or take Lorentz-Drude dispersive model. Any kind of suggestion or help is highly appreciated. Thank you.

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      Scott Newman

      Hello Rajkumar,

      The decision would depend on 2 related factors:

      1. Do you need to include the dispersive effects of the material? For example if you are using a CW source then simply using the correct refractive index for your source wavelength would be adequate. If you are modelling a pulse then you need to consider the significance to the wavelengths away from the central wavelength
      2. If dispersive effects are of concern you then need to considering the dispersion curve for this material, how much does the refractive index vary over your range of operation. If there is little difference perhaps use of a constant dielectric set at your central wavelength is an adequate approximation.


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      Thanks Scott.

      Now, I have another question. Could you give me any directions or links which describe the procedure to obtain the Lorentz-Drude dispersion model parameters from complex dielectric constant data and plasma frequency value?

      Rajkumar Rabindra Singh

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      Scott Newman


      We have a number of introductory webinars for the product. The first one walks you through setting up a Lorentz-Drude material for a simulation.


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