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      I have few questions. Admin or any other expert can please reply.

      1. I am making an optical switch (reference paper attached below) in which non-linear material photonic crystal rod has to be added in the waveguide alongwith other silica rods. What is the option to edit the refractive index of the rods.

      2. I have to get the outputs in the form of band gap structure graphs and Transmittance , Reflectance graphs. Is there any option to plot these graphs.

      Please reply as soon as possible.

      Thank you

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      Damian Marek


      In the Profile Designer you can create and define materials. Later when creating the photonic crystal structure you can choose which material to use.

      There is a bandgap solver included with OptiFDTD, so you could get the bandgap graphs from there. You can also you Observation Areas/Lines to determine the reflectance and transmittance vs wavelength.

      There are some tutorials on these subjects at the following link:

      Photonic Crystal and Photonic Band Gap Introduction


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