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      Zhi Chen

      Dear all,

      I simulate EO effect with varying voltage in BPM, achieving phase figures along XZ slise. But, I cannot observe any phase difference between tow figures as shown below.

      1.I am confused about what the phase represent in the figure? To our kwonledge, the optical phase must change along with optical propogation. But, in the XZ figure the phase is a constant VS Z axis.
      2.And how to correctly observe the phase change with EO efferct by using BPM?

      Please see figures in the attachment.

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      Scott Newman

      Hello Zhi,

      It is difficult to tell what you are showing the data for from those results. Are you able to make the design file available? If you do not wish to make it broadly public, please email the design to support@optiwave.com


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